Dual-Tray Garden System Pre-Order


Dual-Tray Garden System Pre-Order

Grow fresh greens with our Adjustable Dual-Tray Garden System. Secure earlybird pricing with $50 OFF! The Garden System will begin shipping Nov 1.

We invite people to drop by and see them at our offices at The Cotton Factory in Hamilton ON.

Our permanent growing system makes indoor growing easy. It means organic greens and vegetables at your fingertips year round. It’s beautiful fixture for any space - a great addition for your kitchen, restaurant or even your workplace.

What you'll get:

• Adjustable Specialty Growing Spectrum LED Lighting
• Built-in Ventilation System
• 2 Custom Grow Trays
• 2 Germinating Covers
• 2 Drainage Dividers
• 2 Plant Labels
• Water Bottle (1 spray/1 pour nozzle)  
• 2 Bricks of Coir (Enough for 8 harvests)
• 8 Pouches of Seeds