Too many chemicals, too many processed foods, too many miles to get food from industrial farms to dinner tables. So many aspects of our food system seriously flawed. And these flaws have widening impacts on our environment and personal health.

But let’s look on the bright side.

Grow a Seed wants be be part of the solution for creating a more sustainable and healthier food model. And sometimes simple solutions are the most effective. After a great deal of research and self-reflection, we see that growing microgreens can be a catalyst for better food - for you and the planet, one small box at a time. We know how the minimal effort of growing microgreen can be a truly transformative experience -even for busy professionals. Urban growing is a perfect opportunity to take ownership of your health and well-being. That’s why we’ve become passionate indoor organic growers and we’re eager to share the love by giving anyone the easy-to-implement tools to grow like a pro. It’s all part of our goal to blossom a global community of growers for a better (and tastier!) world.

Like us, we hope you’ll agree it’s time celebrate owning your food.

Meet the Team

Peter DePagter

Peter is a visionary and an innovator. He has a keen eye for the future and understands that Curiosity is a must. He knows things change quickly so it's important to look ahead and build the solutions today.  As Founder of Grow a Seed, Peter enjoys sharing the food growing experience with others and says his work is important. His laid back approach to teaching is a welcome reminder of just how easy it is to grow your own healthy food at home. Peter enjoys a minimalist lifestyle and recently finished designing and building a partially off-grid micro-home in Ontario Canada. He believes it is time to think and live differently, more consciously. "Food, clothing and shelter are needs that we have lost a little touch with, we need to reconnect again in new ways, Peter says, "these are exciting times to grow your own food and I'm here to help make that a reality"


Marjonneke Grech

Marjonneke loves taking good ideas from conception to reality. A seasoned veteran of the broadcast industry and award-winning, television producer/director, she knows what it takes to make things happen. Using her broad and flexible toolkit of project management skills, she commits to the task of helping Grow a Seed become a powerful conduit for change. An integral team member, her leadership and creative direction help focus company strategy and generate momentum for such exciting initiatives. A founding partner in Grow a Seed, Marjonneke is fuelled by a personal passion to live more authentically, celebrating health as our true wealth. Using head and heart, she  communicates the organization’s overarching vision to inspire action and build a company that’s on the forefront of making good things happen.


Karl Chen

Karl is an award winning design director that have worked on some incredible brands including NASA, Coca Cola, Starbucks, Nike, Citi Bank and P&G to name a few. Nearly one in three fortune 500 companies have benefited from his creative vision. Karl currently manages a team of talented designers at Mosaic - North America's largest experiential marketing agency, providing strategic art and creative direction for multi-million dollar programs and executions. Karl also the founding partner and managing director at Shift Creative Studio. Offering insightful and strategic design and development solutions to clients large and small across North America. Karl brings to the table a keen sense of creative and business sense, intuition and insightful solution driven strategies.



Dani is an inspiring teacher who is passionate about helping others live an empowered and healthy life through movement and awareness. As an Educator and Presenter for The World GROOVE Movement, Dani travels the world teaching and mentoring GROOVE facilitators. Since 2011 Dani has been sharing the GROOVE experience in schools all over Ontario and abroad, assisting youth to move past their fears and embrace their unique creative gifts. People say Dani walks the talk. In her late twenties she started building off-grid mobile dwellings because she felt a deep desire to live differently, more consciously and  currently living in an upcylced partially off grid construction trailer micro home in Burlington, Ontario. Prior to her work as a GROOVE facilitator, Dani pursued graduate studies at Queen’s University (PhD ABD) and spent numerous years organizing and delivering community projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. When she’s not teaching, traveling or grooving, you can find her cuddling with her dog or tearing it up on the salsa dance floor.