Healthy Food at Your Fingertips



You don’t need an outdoor garden to grow your own greens.
Grow a Seed gives you simple solutions to garden right in own home.
In our first year, we’ve covered a lot of ground and we’re grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response from our community. We’ve seen our microgreen garden kit make new inroads of health and love in a myriad of places - from schools and businesses to individuals who want to experience growing indoors.
Prototypes for two new products, our Garden Wall and dual tray Mobile Growing Unit will be ready for sale in a few month. We invite people to drop by and see them at our offices at The Cotton Factory in Hamilton ON.

Check out the different pages on our website, see us in action in our local community and don’t forget to stop in at our online store for your own growing experience to discover the goodness of growing for yourself.