We bring invaluable experiences to youth

Our mandate is to inspire the next generation using our microgreen garden kit and garden wall. We help kids get healthy and plant seeds of hope and possibility through experiential learning. Our programs are based on:

- Inquiry-based learning
- Preventative health
- JK – grade 12 curriculum alignment


We Support You: Teacher Resources to support you growing with your students

Classroom Workshop:  45 min - 1 hour

Whole Self Groove & Grow program:  3 inspiring activities - move, grow, rest


Whether we facilitate the experience for you and your students, or you do it yourself, our in depth hands on growing resource is cross curricular and covers the following….

  • Microgreens and the types you can grow
  • Growing cycle of seeds and seed types
  • Germination and growing mediums
  • Lighting and watering
  • Fertilizer and nutrients
  • Health benefits of plants and how to incorporate microgreens into your diet

 Why Schools & Teachers Like Us

  • Easy-to-implement
  • Helps schools maintain or achieve eco status
  • Less costly alternative to school trips
  • 100% engagement
  • Curriculum Ties
  • A Tangible Green Education Activity


“Why try to explain a miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden” -Robert Brault

Here’s what happens

Experience growing

Learn about health and nutrition

Enjoy eating your harvest

Oh but you learn much more than growing ….

Tending to the needs of your plants, requires us to pay attention

Daily care for a living organism cultivates empathy &  responsibility

Learning that plants die without water or sunlight (cause and effect), we gain a deeper understanding of how we are relational beings that are interconnected

Growing food builds environmental / ecological awareness, bringing it into the classroom reminds us we are part of a greater ecological web

Harvesting your crops is a rewarding experience that builds self-confidence

Learn valuable information about nutrition and health through the growing experience

In the digitalized world of instant gratification, slowing down, taking your time, watching life unfold is like a breath of fresh air. Delayed gratification is a learned skill.

Necessary “Quiet time” / “Brain break” activity to reboot the mind for learning. The growing experience is calming and relaxing, once they find their groove, growing can become a wonderful practice in mindfulness

Cross-curricular and experiential