Groove & Grow


We want better health and mindful eating for everyone. That’s why we’ve created our one-of-a-kind wellness program that encourages people to learn new ways to foster healthier lifestyle habits. Groove & Grow promotes vibrant health through the power of music and movement (that’s the groove part) along with the experience of growing food.

Participants receive their own fully contained organic Grow a Seed Garden Kit with all the necessary tools to easily grow an abundant harvest of delicious and nutritious microgreens from the comfort of their own home. Who says broccoli can’t go from seed to dinner table in only a week? It’s as simple as connecting people to their food and having fun in the process. The growing program also brings people together for a simple purpose, growing health promoting food, which serves to create the sense of community which is under threat in today’s digital world. Microgreens might be small, but they’re powerful as a catalyst to change lives. Who knows, they just might inspire the next generation of organic farmers.

After sowing their seeds, participants work up an invigorating sweat getting their GROOVE on. This spirit-lifting group activity gets people moving in all sorts of fun ways to a sampling of lively music from around the world. Our expert movement facilitators help each participant find their inner groove and by the end of the session, everyone goes home feeling a little more like a rock star - even those who think they have two left feet. Our mantra is “There’s no right or wrong way - just your way!” It’s all about showing how the simple act of moving our bodies can create important and lasting physical and mental benefits.

You can learn more about this exciting and innovative program and how it can sprout positive transformation in your workplace, community gathering or school event at