4X Multi-Pack Combo Garden Kit

4X Multi-Pack Combo Garden Kit

Get the most out of your growing experience with 4 different types of seeds. The supplied Coir brick contains enough growing medium to also support 4 grows.

Growing Tips

Keep in mind, broccoli's tiny seeds dont need as much water as some of the larger seeds like sunflower or buckwheat. To make it easier to clip their delicate stems close to the growing medium, simply lift the soil and greens right out of tray and slice away.

Each Grow a Seed Garden Kit contains the following:

• Complete reusable grow tray (clear tray + drainage divider + germinating cover)
• 4 pouches of quality organic non-GMO seeds
• Organic compacted coco coir growing medium
• Reusable watering bottle with 2 head attachments
• 2 reusable plant labels
• Handy step by step instructions