Organic China Rose Radish Microgreen Garden Kit
Organic China Rose Radish Microgreen Garden Kit

Organic China Rose Radish Microgreen Garden Kit

If you want to add something a little exotic to your microgreen arsenal may we suggest looking no further than China rose radish. The baby greens from this heirloom seed are blessed with a fetching rose hued stem and a fiery radish-y punch that can be your go-to for waking up mealtime. Not to be overlooked is the research indicating that radish sprouts are especially rich in antioxidants to help safeguard your health.

Use these microgreens to add radish zing to steamed vegetables, bean or grain salads, seasonal soups, scrambled eggs and even homemade sushi. They can be blended into salad dressings for spicy character or try spreading some soft cheese on artisanal style toasted bread, top with China rose radish microgreens and don’t forget to thank us for the tasty idea.

Growing Tips

Because China rose radish likes cool weather, the seeds for microgreen growing tend to perform well outside of the summer months. As with other radish varieties, any fuzzy white root hairs should not be mistaken for mold.

Each Grow a Seed Garden Kit contains the following:

• Complete reusable grow tray (clear tray + drainage divider + germinating cover)
• 2 pouches of quality organic non-GMO seeds
• Organic compacted coco coir growing medium
• Reusable watering bottle with 2 head attachments
• 2 reusable plant labels
• Handy step by step instructions