Organic Red Cabbage Microgreen Garden Kit

Organic Red Cabbage Microgreen Garden Kit

Cabbage might be synonymous with slaw and sauerkraut, but in microgreen form you’ll have a whole new array of culinary possibilities. Their flavor is best described as a taste bud awakening peppery sweetness, but if nothing more, you’ll fall hard for the aesthetics that the gorgeous red-purple sprouts add to your living space. Worthy of a nutritional high-five, red cabbage microgreens supply healthy amounts of anthocyanins, a class of antioxidants demonstrated to help improve brain functioning and lessen the risk for certain cancers. Also, scientists at the United States Department of Agriculture found that among 25 different varieties of microgreens tested, red cabbage came out on top when it comes to vitamin C content.

In an instant, a handful of red cabbage microgreens can take sandwiches, salads, stews, potato salads, and well, slaws from ho-hum to yum. For a fanciful presentation and flavor twist, scatter some on a cheese plate (and they’re great in grilled cheese, too).

Growing tips

Red cabbage microgreens will supply the most robust flavor in the first couple of days after the two red-purple tinged leaves have opened up. You may notice a slight sulfur smell, but this is normal as cabbage is a member of the cruciferous family. For a tray of great colors and different flavors, consider mixing cabbage seeds with one or two other seeds like broccoli or mustard.

Each Grow a Seed Garden Kit contains the following:

• Complete reusable grow tray (clear tray + drainage divider + germinating cover)
• 2 pouches of quality organic non-GMO seeds
• Organic compacted coco coir growing medium
• Reusable watering bottle with 2 head attachments
• 2 reusable plant labels
• Handy step by step instructions